Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment


Looking towards the future and founded on the shared values all internal stakeholders, CISEC is committed on a day-to-day basis to its clients on the road to lasting growth that is based on a sincere respect for our business ethic and our social environment. Creating value, respecting the environment and focused on the principles of integrated sustainability, our company is founded on the expertise that our personnel make available to our clients.


The company´s orientation towards Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment has been a constant in the activities of CISEC since 1995 when EVALE – one of the first companies acquired by CISEC – became a pioneer within its market segment and was awarded the ISO 9002 Certificate. Since then and as the company CISEC, we have received certificates for the Quality Management System in 2004, the Safety Management System in 2007 and received certification of the Environmental Management System in 2011.


Certification forms a part of the integrated engineering and services solutions for specialist technical installations in the fields of conception, construction, installation, multitech and multi-services maintenance and operation in the energy, oil and gas, transport, infrastructure and tertiary and industrial sectors.

QH&SE Policy


• To ensure a culture of health and safety and the environment shared by all personnel;

• To identify and assess the risks deriving from the activities likely to have an impact on the environment, on the health and safety of personnel and the satisfaction of clients and other interested parties;

• To work towards the achievement of the goal of ZERO ACCIDENTS;

• To ensure conformity with legal requirements and others, both internal and external;

• To improve the level of satisfaction of all interested parties and inspire greater confidence in the services provided;

• To encourage dialogue at all levels so that best practices are shared and the culture at CISEC is unified;

• To integrate the Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental management systems into all activities;

• To make continuous improvements to the efficiency of the Quality, Health and safety and Environmental management system with periodic reviews.

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