Revamping Parque de Parafita - Pergás

Revamping Parque de Parafita - Pergás

Under the contract for the Revamping of Parque Perafita, CISEC undertook the Metalworking, Civil Engineering, Instrumentation and Electricity supply works at the LPG Storage Facility in Perafita and the Petrogal Refinery at Matosinhos.

The goal of this project was to improve and revamp the existing installations and build up the production capacity of the Perafita gas storage facility and covered the following work:

  • The building of the new compression and pumping plant for butane (4x 50m3/h pumps) and propane (4x 50m3/h pumps and 4x 120m3/h pumps) and the dismantling of the existing facilities.
  • Complete refurbishment of the 6 tanker filler posts and the construction of a new one.
  • Installation of LPG piping connecting the spheres, filling posts and stands for bottles plus a new pumping station.
  • Installation of control panels and controls for new pumps including new and existing field equipment.
  • Replacement of several electrical control panels on site including gates, control room, satellite control and administrative building
  • Improvements to the project in question for existing systems for cable routes, lighting, CCTV, access control, Fire and Gas.
  • Civil engineering work needed for the application of all of the above.
  • Installation of a fire-fighting network for the new pumping center, filling posts and electrical panels room. New water hoses were also installed on the SI Network and connections made between them and the SI Network for the Matosinhos Refinery using 16´´ pipes over 500 meters.

All of the above work was carried out so as not to interfere with the operations of the Perafita Gas Storage Facility.


27 July 2017