Design, Conception, Engineering, Manufacture and Production of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

Since 1977 CISEC has provided engineering and manufacture solutions with the services associated with electrical panels and metalworking to become an experienced partner for our clients.

Our aim is to be a close partner with the goal of producing more and better, applying the latest technology with the greatest energy efficiency based as always on the sincerest respect for our social environment.

Building on our more than 40 years experience that has lead us to developing expertise and services, we can provide complete solutions in the fields of electricity, metalworking and automation adapted to the needs of the most varied sectors of activity covering a range of markets including industry trade, transport, energy and the environment.

  • Design, Engineering and Manufacture of:
    • Electrical Switchboards
      • Power
        • Low Voltage
        • Medium Voltage
      • Control
      • Control of motors (extractable drawers)
    • Control Desks
    • Transformers / Substations
    • Monoblocks
    • Metalic Structures
    • Technical Floors
  • Design and Implementation of Automation Solutions

  • Customised Solutions:
    • Local Activities (Substitution, maintenance, extension and installation of Electrical Panels switchboards and Control Desks)
    • Special Solutions (Electrical Panels and Metalworking)

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