About Ourselves

We are a company that specialises in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering , AVAC, Energy, Renewable Energies and the Environment.

We are specialists in design, engineering, conception, execution, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of specialist installations in the Industrial, Tertiary, Energy and Environment, Transport and Oil & Gas sectors.

CISEC brings life to the world that surrounds us and supports those that promote change by increasing quality of life to communities.


Quality, safety, innovation, engineering and realisation expertise, are the fundamental values that have allowed us to position ourselves as the benchmark partner in the market.


 Our Ambition

Looking towards the future and founded on the shared values all internal stakeholders, CISEC is committed on a day-to-day basis to its clients on the road to lasting growth that is based on a sincere respect for our business ethic and our social environment. Creating value, respecting the environment and focused on the principles of integrated sustainability, our company is founded on the expertise that our personnel make available to our clients.


Every day we work towards a organizational environment where everyone is sharing, communicating, travelling and living in security and working effectively to produce more and better, making use of the latest technological developments and all of the sources of energy. We are ambitious and aim to make CISEC a company that is eternally at the service of a world that is sustainable. It is the sharing of these values of performance, of proximity and of responsibility that is taking us on to new successes.


  • Growth enhances value generation
  • Everyone is involved in economic performance
  • We are driven by the spirit of achievement



  • Local life is the source of our growth
  • Every member of staff is committed
  • Improving our environment is what guides our actions


  • The client is at the center of everything that we do
  • Each one of us works independently and responsibly
  • Diversity is what simulates development


  • Social, by creating good working conditions for all of our staff
  • Economic and financial, for which we are working on a daily basis
  • Environmental as an integral part of our business practices and activities

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