Multitechnics Engineering, Installation and Maintenance

CISEC supplies solutions that cover the Design and Building of Technical Installations and Contracts for Facility Management and Maintenance with the aim of adding value to property assets in the course of their useful life.

We design, develop and implement solutions that are adapted to the needs of a range of sectors and clients with multi-disciplinary teams focused on the provision of installation and maintenance services in the electrical, mechanical and AVAC areas to ensure the responsibility and sustainability of our partnerships with clients.

The application of innovations such as the automation of buildings, of lighting and air conditioning systems that provide their users with a new level of comfort, CISEC stands out for its way of bringing interaction between technical systems and the human occupants of a project in accordance with their needs.

Our aim is always to be a close partner with the goal of producing the best by the application of the latest technological developments with the greatest energy efficiency based always on a sincere respect for our social environment.

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective/curative Maintenance
  • Maintenance and technical operation on-site
  • Technical Support
  • Auditing, consultation and studies

  • Execution of Global Maintenance Contracts
    • Global Maintenance Contracts
    • Contracts for the Management and Operation of Technical Installations
    • Facilities Management Contracts applying Integrated Management Services Solutions
    • Cleaning Contracts for Live Low Voltage Electrical Equipment
  • Execution of Technical and Specialist Installations Maintenance Contracts
    • Maintenance of Installations
    • Electricity
    • AVAC
    • Hydraulic Networks
    • Security

  • Design and Application of Technology and Maintenance Support Equipment
    • Programme for the Management of Maintenance
    • Fry3OilSystem
    • Status Control

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